Aquatic Systems Designed, Built & Installed




We provide a complete aquatic system design and installation service to aquatic retailers, breeders, importers and wholesalers.




Offering a range of solutions to suit all budgets, our glasswork and timberwork is custom made for each individual job at our Birmingham factory - so we can make anything fit anywhere! From separately filtered tanks to fully centralised systems, please ask for a quote.




Retail Indoor Coldwater System

An attractive and cost effective retail system, which can be built to any size and adapted for Tropical or Marine fish.

This system recirculates aquarium water through a sump filter system hidden behind the white doors at the front. Each tank can be individually isolated via a valve for treating fish if required.





Braceless Retail Coral Bay

Double 10ft x 30" x 18" braceless shop coral tanks. Custom sump and pipework, fully installed for the customer.






Retail 'Clean Line' System

Aquarium systems designed to fit any space.